We Are In The Business Of Building Businesses

GEX Management is a visionary fintech management and Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Its incubation, gestation, and growth is a compelling story.

Today, GEX has developed the world's first business management ecosystem strategically supporting, nurturing, and resourcing a significant, diverse, and growing portfolio of companies. Among these core acquisitions are fintech companies across a variety of industry sectors. GEX provides each of its corporate holdings with a range of services including payroll, staffing, human resources, and business consulting so that busy professionals are relieved from the minutia of daily administrative tasks to do what they love most.   

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 Welcome To The S3 Business Management Ecosystem

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Inherent in a seed is its DNA; the foundational molecular ingredients for growth. Likewise, each business seed represents ideals, dreams, aspirations and a structural framework for organizational development. GEX Management uniquely recognizes and respects this essential organic material in every business it partners with. 

Seeds require soil; rich environments that contain all the necessary nutrients needed to stimulate growth. Similarly, GEX Management provides all the support structures necessary to ensure that each business served is efficient and sustainable. 

In the agrarian world, plants make their own food by combining carbon dioxide, water, and soil, and chlorophyll in the green pigment of the leaves harnesses the energy of sunlight to fuel photosynthesis. GEX Management likewise fuels business growth by providing accessible capital to assist companies to reach their goals and objectives.